Pastor Toney Hill
 as the Lead Pastor since August 2015. He was saved September 12, 2008 after many years of playing Christian. This makes Toney extremely passionate about make sure people know the true Gospel and aren’t deceived by the enemy. Toney married his “Queen” Joy in April of 2005 and began their family. They currently have seven kids, yes seven kids. Rossen Matthew 12, Kanden Elijah 10, Ryllen Nehemiah 9, Kainen Obadiah 6, Rainen Avenger born in July are the five princes’ in the house. Then Raiden Forgiven 5 and Kaisen Redeemed 3 are the two princesses in the house. They surrendered to the call of ministry leaving everything they knew in the Nashville area and left for the Florida Keys in December 2008 where they served as an associate for two years. In December of 2010 the Lord called them to Greenville Baptist Church in North Florida where they served for almost 5 years. Toney is currently completing his schooling to receive a B.A./M.A. combined degree in pastoral care from Trinity Bible and Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana. If asked what his greatest passion is Toney would say to be used of God to rescue as many people as possible from the eternal punishment of Hell, by sharing what Jesus has done for them.
Pastor Thomas Underwood Pictures and details coming 
2Kim Wong Children’s Director